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Transport manager. Qualification and requirements.

Transport manager is a key person for road hauliers and others who carry goods for hire and reward as almost all of them are required to have operator’s licence. Under the Goods Vehicle Act 1995 haulier have to meet professional competence requirement in order to obtain standard operator’s licence. One of the ways to achieve this is to specify on the application a professionally competent person who is responsible for operation and control of the vehicle specified on the o’licence. Professional competence can be proven by one of the following:

  • a ‘grandfathers rights’ certificate of professional competence
  • an official CILT (UK) CPC or OCR CPC examination pass certificate
  • an official City and Guilds pass examination certificate
  • a membership (or exemption) certificate from one of the recognised professional institutes, which confers examption
  • a certificate issued by an EU member state which fulfils ‘mutual recognition’ requirements

A CPC holder for an application can be the applicant himself, an employee or a self employed contractor.

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External Transport manager

Hiring an external transport managerĀ  has proven to be popular solution for new operators because this option is cheaper comparing to employing a CPC holder full time. Often it gives new owner operators ability to apply for operator’s licence before they gain their own qualification. Smaller operators with fewer vehicles may also benefit from hiring an external transport manager.


Costs for ETM services vary from area to area. Often you may find that the fee for managing one vehicle is very similar to that of managing three or four vehicles. Main reason behind that is the limited number of operation and vehicle one can manage. Currently the limits are set to four operations and 50 vehicles.


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